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MUCHO MAMBO is in the process of recording their 4th album which should be available in later 2017, featuring some brand new original tunes.



CD 'Homage' $15 thru paypal

also available for download @ (USD) & (AUD)



CD 'Moorish' $15 thru paypal

also available for download @ (AUD) & (USD) & itunes, amazon etc.

The new album from Mucho Mambo, 'Homage' is a tribute to the golden era of Cuban music in the 1950s & 60s. Featuring 20 songs from influential artists in the 1950s & 60s such as Benny More, Rolando Laserie, Orquesta Riverside, Pio Leyva, Tito Gomez, Manuel 'Puntillita' Licea and Perez Prado, 'Homage' is a marvellous collection of great songs.

Featuring the Mucho Mambo orchestra with guest singers, Victor Valdes, Richard Valdez, Angela Rosero and Francisco Toledo performing well known Son Montunos, Guarachas, Cha Cha Chas, Boleros and Congas from this golden era.

"This 15 piece Sydney ensemble has really captured the sound and spirit of Cuban Big Band music of the 1950s and 60s on their new album, which lovingly recreates the arrangements of this very danceable collection of 19 Cuban favourites. Mucho Mambo are uncanny in the way they recreate the complex but always joyfully danceable sounds of Cuban Big Bands of the 1950s and 1960s. So much work in make so much fun!" Lucky Oceans, Daily Planet, Radio National

"This homage to some of the great Cuban artists of the 1950s and '60s captures that unique blend of zest and elegance and is played with panache. Amazingly Mucho Mambo nailed 20 tracks in a day, despite devilish arrangements, complete with charming, remarkably authentic vocals. This is a window on why tiny Cuba has been such a vital force in music across the globe." Sydney Morning Herald 'The Shortlist' 2014


Moorish is Mucho Mambo's 2nd album of original tunes blending bold, brassy riffs and driving percussion with big brass arrangements and cool old style Latin grooves. The album builds on the classic rhythms of Mambo, Cha Cha Cha, Son, Pachanga and Salsa reinventing them with a funky edge and a distinctive new sound. Moorish takes big band arrangements and brings them to the 21st century, mixing in elements of funk and jazz to create a unique edge and moves the Latin music style forward with a new distinctive sound.

"For nine years Sydney's Mucho Mambo have been creating sounds inspired by the supple dance grooves of Cuba'slatin-Jazz orchestras from the 1950s and '60s. The music is played with flawless conviction and great panache. This was delightful music in its heyday and sounds like it was invented yesterday when played by Mucho Mambo" Sydney Morning Herald Metro

“One could consider the music of Mucho Mambo in a number of different ways - cultural, social, historical - but most of all, it's quite simply a lot of fun. When the band hits its stride, I defy anyone to remain motionless. Mucho Mambo has something for your head and something for your feet.” Music Forum magazine, Music Council of Australia



CD 'En Vivo' $10 thru paypal

Mucho Mambo live @ The Basement in Sydney, Australia

"Mucho Mambo" are explosive on stage with a full lineup of brass, latin percussion and frontman "El Martillo‟ conducting the orchestra in funky Latin style. Mucho Mambo hit the ground running with energetic tightly paced pieces. It wasn‟t long before the dance floor was packed with swaying bodies as the orchestra ran through classic mambos and cha cha chas that twisted and surprised! The groove could have gone on for hours!”