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The 15 piece Latin Orchestra Mucho Mambo featuring some of Australia’s best Latin and Jazz musicians was formed in 2002 stemming from a love of big brass arrangements and cool old style Latin grooves and has been wowing audiences since with their tight arrangements, brilliant musicianship and unique visual spectacle.

The Mucho Mambo experience is one of a kind in the music world, a truly authentic and timeless Latin Big Band with world class big band arrangements. The inspiration of the line up and material were the wonderful orchestra’s of the 1950’s and ‘60’s in Cuba, Benny More, Julio Cueva, Miguelito Valdes, Tito Gomez, Machito, Mario Bauza and Perez Prado, and the mambo movement in new York with Tito Rodriguez and Tito Puente.The orchestra’s dynamic sound, arrangements and original look is reminiscent of this golden era of Latin and Jazz genres. Mucho Mambo builds on the classic rhythms of Mambo, Cha Cha Cha, Son, Pachanga and Salsa and reinvents them with a funky edge and a distinctive new sound.

Mucho Mambo has regularly performed at The Basement, Camelot Lounge and Venue 505, as well as performances at The Sydney Opera House, Hyde Park, Riverside Theatre, Zenith Theatre, Sydney University, Wollongong University, Adelaide and many other major events and venues.

Mucho Mambo's 3rd album “Homage” has just been released. This 20 song album is a tribute to Cuban music in the 1950s and 60s with songs from original artists such as Benny More, Rolando Laserie, Pio Leyva, Tito Gomez, Orquesta Riverside, Conjunto Casino, Perez Prado and more.Featuring singers Wilson Orozco, Victor Valdes, Richard Valdez, Angela Rosero and Francisco Toledo.

Mucho Mambo's 2nd album “Moorish” with original tunes in the rhythms of Big Band Mambo, Jazz, Salsa, Bolero and Cha Cha Cha.

The 1st Mucho Mambo album was a live recording at The Basement in Sydney, titled “Mucho Mambo en vivo”. (see SHOP)

MUCHO MAMBO is in the process of recording their 4th album which should be available in later 2017, featuring some brand new original tunes.

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Mucho Mambo is:
Martin ‘El Martillo’Taylor – Director, Vocals, percussion, Giorgio Rojas, Dominic Kirk, Fabian Hevia, Jess Ciampa, Vincenza Taylor – Percussion, Nick Southcott – Piano, Cesar Marin – Bass, Vocals, Adrian Veale, Matthew Collins, Marcus Salone, Angus Gomm – Trumpets, Karl Laskowski, Steve Fitzmaurice, Murray Jackson, Matt Ottignon– Saxophones, Mark Barnsley, Mike Raper – Trombone, Richard Valdez, Wilson Orozco - Vocals